Do you want to get the MOST out of your Open House?

We spend between 4-10 hours in preparing and holding open house.

I want to share 4 TIPS that will help you to get better results! 💰

✅ Study the Neighborhood Comps! Memorize the key data points like Average Sold Price, Average Price Per Sq Ft and Average Days on the Market!

✅ Print out Active Listings in the neighborhood and highlight the vacant ones.

🎥. Watch the video for the explanation 🎥.

✅Knock on 20 neighbors doors, invite them to the open house and ask them for feedback.

✅Speed to lead! If you got their contact info don’t wait a day or two to follow up! Use it!

Record and text video, send them few homes to see, add them to your database and follow up with them that day!


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