Peter Castellucci

I was born in Philadelphia PA, for the first 10 years it was just my parents, my uncle and me. We lived in one of those
Row homes, our house stood out since we had the only red door on the block. When I was I was 10 years old I was
allowed to work in the produce store on 9 th St. in the Italian Market. Great place to grow up, the fish market, the cheese
shop, the butcher shop and my favorite the bakery. I now see how blessed I was to work alongside the group of Italian
immigrants that were a big part of building the base for the future.
I helped my father deliver fuel oil to homes in the winter that was also a family business. Carrying broke broilers out of a
basement was no joke, my back hurts just thinking about it.
The family moved from Philadelphia, PA to New Jersey when I was 13 and that started the next chapter of my life, my
business carrier. I started my own landscaping business because everyone in New Jersey had a lawn and it was fast cash.
I also starting working with my grandfather in the summers and learned how to do concrete work. What I did not realize
at the time was that it was going to be my future business.
I started my football career as a pop Warner midget football league. When I got into High School I continued running
my summer businesses and playing football. My senior year of high school we won our league championship and
several of us received athletic scholarships me included. I was recruited out of state so I decided to sell my landscaping
business and just work the concrete business in the summers.
As I was learning how to survive on my own and be a top producer in my football career, I would soon realize that I had
a shot on making to the professional level of football. I had a lot of great coaches and support along the way but it was
still a tuff road to go down. I know all the lessons I learned as a young kid working taught even if I was tired, I still had to
do my job, give 100%, keep striving to be the best to get where I wanted. I believe a lot of my work ethic and discipline
comes from my sports back ground. To this day, no matter what I do, I give % 100 and nothing less.
So on to the next chapter, I stepped in the arena with some big and powerful men that were the best of the best in
what they did, talk about some intense competition. But at that point you either step up your game or your out. I was
fortunate to sign a contract with my home town team being the Philadelphia Eagles and the next 7 years I was doing the
thing I loved to do with a great passion and never worrying about the money because I knew if I worked hard and did my
job that the money would come.
This is how I conduct my business to this day because that’s all I know how to do. Work hard for my clients, be honest
and make them a great deal. That is the key to my success, it’s that simple.
I have been a real estate agent in AZ for 18 years now and am proud to say that I have helped over 2000 clients make
one of the most crucial decisions of their lives and I have a flawless record with the Department of Real estate.
I am very proud and honored to be certified to represent the Veterans and all the First Responders in Maricopa County.
There are special incentives and programs to get them into the home of their dreams.
If you are looking for a old school hard working realtor that will put your best interest as his top priority, that works with
an amazing team, then I am your guy. All I ask for is the opportunity to serve you.